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Water Fun at Dawn Til Dusk After School Club

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Exploring the Trim Trail at our Dawn Til Dusk Before and After School Club

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Quality Before and After School Clubs and School Holiday Clubs

You strive to provide a safe, healthy and stimulating environment for your family and at Dawn Til Dusk, so do we. That’s why at one of our Before and After School Clubs, after your child has chosen from the many activities on offer, played in the sports hall or out in the playground, they can be sure of a freshly prepared children’s tea or snack in a relaxed and inclusive environment.

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Dawn Til Dusk have Before and After school clubs in 22 schools across Bedfordshire and just into Cambridgeshire. We work closely with the schools to help provide the best facilities and a seamless transition and the start and end of the school day. All our Breakfast Clubs and After school clubs offer a wide range of activities with fresh and healthy food available everyday. Our clubs offer places to children aged from 3 to 12 years of age.

Parents are important too!

Whether you need to ‘kiss & fly’ or have time for a chat, we help you get on with your day with confidence and peace of mind. If you want to join in the fun with your children or talk about their progress just let us know.  We do our best to listen to you to ensure we continue to meet your needs.

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Before & After School Clubs

We know that mornings can sometimes be a little stressful so why not let us help?  At our Breakfast Clubs your child can enjoy a freshly prepared meal and relax or run about in our dedicated space. This leaves you to get on with your day knowing your child has everything they need to enjoy theirs.

At our After School Clubs you child can choose from a wide range of activities, so whether they prefer to be active or relax we have something for them. During our sessions your child can enjoy a healthy snack and a children’s tea so they are ready to spend quality time at home with you.


Our Pre-School settings embrace the same ethos as our Outstanding Before & After School clubs.

For children aged 2 – 5 years, with 15- 30 funded hours and funded 2 year old places available.  Our highly qualified staff are there for you and your child.

Call 01234 930505 for further information.

School Holiday Clubs

We know that it can be difficult to fill those long school holidays so why not give yourselves and your child a treat by bringing them to one of our Holiday Clubs. With a wide range of activities they are sure to have blast. We host a range of guests such as Football Coaches and Petting Zoos and special Theme days but book early as places go fast.

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What our customers say

“When choosing childcare the most important thing was that it was people who I knew I could trust and who I knew my children would be safe with.”

“The staff are amazing and my children love attending.”

“Lovely environment lots for children to do.”

King’s Oak

“Staff are engaging with the children and a safe environment.”

“Great facilities inside & outside, great chill out area and really friendly staff.”

“Staff are very friendly and really care about the children.”