Balliol Polling Day Fun!

The children at Balliol Lower were lucky to enjoy a holiday club day last week when the school was closed for the polling day.

The children and staff started the day by waiting for all of the children to turn up and had a big breakfast feast together where they enjoyed pancakes, many spreads, milk, cereal, orange juice and toast. They then did many cookery activities; malteaser rocky road, fruit smoothie ice lollies and made a scrummy trifle for pudding after dinner. They had lots of lovely snacks throughout the day and the children made a huge den in the playground, where they had lots of fun and laughter!

Many children learnt how to ride a bike and took part in outdoor play where the older ones would ride the bikes with the younger ones on the back. Not ones to let the weather spoil their fun the children got stuck into a super splash water fight, getting each other soaking wet was the aim and boy did they have fun doing it!  After drying off the children played a game of pie face which all of the children found very funny!

The day finished with the children snuggling up on the sofa with a film for some rest and relaxation, what a fab day!