Forest School 5 week Course

Forest schools is a fun outdoor adventure for children.  Held, normally, in a woodland area the children get to experience activities that include, Pond Dipping, Tree Climbing, Camp fire cooking, Den Building and lots more. These activities are set up to help children explore, enjoy and learn about the outdoors.

We believe Forest School experiences allow children to try new and exciting things in a safe environment. The children gain extra confidence in their abilities and can develop their social and physical skills whilst taking part in a range of different and fun activities.

Over the last 5 weeks Tracy has been running a Forest School course at our club in Thomas Johnson Lower School. This has been a huge success with the children enjoying trying new things and gaining confidence in their abilities.

Week One – Meadow Crowns

The children enjoyed exploring their surroundings, collecting a mixture of plants, flowers, grass and leaves and created their very own meadow crowns.

Week Two – Muddy Faces

Children are encouraged to kneed the mud with their hands to make a ball shape and place the ball onto a log or plate. Items from around the area can then be collected to decorate their face. The children collect sticks, flowers, grass and other natural resources to add to their face to bring them to life.

Week Three – Bug Hotels

The children use Elder sticks to create their own Bug House. Using tools the children peel back the bark from the elder sticks and use tent pegs to poke out the middle. They then tie all the sticks together to make a Bug House.

Week Four – Medallions

Using hand to eye co-ordination the children used full size adult saws and skilfully cut through the Havel wood, they then used a hand drill to make a hole to enable them to put a piece of string through to make their medal. The children then designed an image for there master piece, they were happy to take home a product that they made themselves.

Week Five – Kelly Kettle

For this exercise Tracy talked to the children about boundaries, the importance of using our listening ears and keeping safe, they talked about the triangle of combustion and what makes fire hot. Each child used fire lightening steel to make a spark. Tracy then showed the children how to use the Kelly kettle to make hot chocolate and toast marshmallows.  The children really had fun trying something new.