Super Scientists at Dawn Until Dusk

The children at Dawn until Dusk turned into little Scientists this week taking part in some exciting experiments.

All our clubs had the opportunity to choose some experiments to try. Here are some photos from the experiments that were tried.

Thomas Johnson took part in an experiment to see if they could make colour transfer to one cup to the other.  The children used tissues, water and food colouring as part of this experiment. They then watched as the colour travelled up the tissue and to the next cup.

Next they poured some vinegar in to a bottle,  filled a balloon with baking powder and attached it to the top of the bottle. When the powder mixed with the vinegar it produced a gas which then blew up the balloon.

The clubs also tried making lava lamps using water, oil and food colouring. The children watched the oil and water separate then added different colours to the mixture to see what effect it had.

The children at Thomas Johnson have started their own experiment to make bouncy eggs today. They have put hard boiled eggs, with their shell still on, in jars filled with white vinegar. To two of the jars they have added some red food colouring. They will leave the eggs covered for the weekend. On Monday the eggs will be removed from the vinegar jars and if the experiment has worked they will have two white bouncy eggs and two red bouncy eggs!!! We will keep you posted.