Experiments and Crafts with Thomas Johnson

Thomas Johnson have had a busy start to their term.

The children have been taking part in science experiments, settling their new tadpoles into their new home and enjoy lots of arts and crafts.

We had an April showers theme week across Dawn until Dusk. The children at Thomas Johnson took part in an experiment using shaving foam and food colouring. They added warm water to a jar and placed some shaving foam on top. The shaving foam played the part of the clouds. They then added blue food colouring, as rain, and watched as the rain worked its way through the clouds.

The children also made a display using their fabulous handmade umbrellas. The children at Thomas Johnson really enjoy their arts and crafts. They had a great time making their umbrellas for the display and also made wonderful 3D rainbows to add.

You will see form the photos that this club also have some tadpoles that they are looking after. The children have set them up a new home and are enjoying watching them grow. They have been learning all about the lifecycle and are finding it really interesting.