Recently at our Lakeview club…..

Our Lakeview club was very lucky to have David build a planter for their outside area, they are hoping to grow lots of yummy fruit and vegetables! The children have been so excited about it and after he very kindly came and filled it with soil and stones, Alison delivered some strawberry plants, flowers and vegetable seeds! The children have been fantastic and have all wanted to get involved, with the older children helping the younger ones. They mixed the dirt with soil and then dug out some lines to fill with seeds, the whole club loved getting all muddy! The children are keen for them to grow and have been fantastic at reminding Hayley to water all the plants!

The children were excited to see that 13 of our chrysalis’ have turned into butterflies this morning! They had lots of fun guessing whose butterfly was whose and some of the children were even brave enough to put their hands inside to retrieve some of the lids that we needed to get out! Some of the older children soaked some foam in sugar water whilst others helped to chop up a juicy grapefruit for the butterflies to drink! Others helped to cut a piece of kitchen roll into the shape of a bed for them to enjoy. Hayley and Lucy then took some of the children outside to collect some beautiful flowers, leaves and twigs for them to climb on, the children then very sensibly put them inside the net. The club at Lakeview are looking forward to seeing their butterflies grow and strengthen their wings over the next few days, before they release them.