Parent Feedback Results

We recently run a survey for all the parents whose children attended our summer holiday club. We have looked over the results and thought you may be interested in the feedback we got.

Summer Holiday Clubs Shortstown, Balliol and Greenfield 2017

Summary of Parent Feedback  

You said that you would like us to run from 7.30am in the mornings instead of 8am for Holiday Clubs.

In response, all holiday clubs from now on will open at 7.30am.  There is a charge of £3.00 per booking.

All but two respondents thought the clubs provide good value for money.  The other respondents did not know. One respondent thought that lunch should be included in the price, to make it less expensive.

We have looked into providing day trips out.  Not all parents would be willing to pay extra for day trips.   The higher staffing levels we would need for the trip and then for staffing for those children who would be left at the club would be too high and therefore we are unable to do this at this time.

All but two respondents thought that the clubs provide a wide range of activities for their children over the summer, one said no, but did not elaborate and one said they didn’t know.

Please see some of the generic  comments from parents  below: –

“Affordable, friendly and caters for all ages.”

“We love this setting and are very sad to be leaving.  Love the set up and staff”

“I find the staff very approachable”

“My daughter loves all the staff”

“Lovely staff, great price”

“Locality and quality/variety of activities”