As an area Manager you’ll have overall responsibility for a number of Early Years clubs in an allocated area. Your job role will be fun and you will never have the same day twice! you could be supporting a family with challenging needs, supporting staff to work more harmoniously together, arranging cover at settings, being in ratio, or you could be feeding a baby lamb or hosting a puppy party!! The role is undoubtedly the most varied role you will ever come across.

You will be responsible for staff at your allocated clubs and you’ll work closely with other area managers and Company Directors.

The children’s safety and welfare is paramount to us here at Dawn until Dusk, however messy activities, being silly, dancing around and acting a fool, mud kitchens, bouncy castles and hearing nothing but children’s laughter is also very important to us.

If you feel you are a strong individual but have a playful attitude to life and you have the same ethos as us why don’t you apply today!!!