christmas holiday club dawn until dusk

Happy New Year to all our families. We hope you all had a lovely festive break.

We ran a holiday club for a few days over the Christmas break and it was a big success with lots of Christmassy fun. The children took part in a range of activities including cooking, arts and crafts and Forest Schools.

The children made biscuit houses using chocolate biscuits and then decorated them using icing, marshmallows and jelly sweets. We are so pleased with how they turned out and think they look like cosy little holiday lodges. There was also the chance to make Christmas sweets, biscuits and smoothie lollies. On the last day of holiday club we ran a superhero theme day, the children each decorated a gingerbread biscuit to look like their favourite superhero. They used different colour icing to create their superheroes and spent so much time and effort making them. We think the children did really well.

We ran some arts and craft activities which the children loved. They enjoyed taking part in ice-painting, using different coloured ice to create a lovely piece of artwork that stretched across the playground. The children made their very own snowmen. Using polystyrene balls and some decorations the children were able to put their snowmen together and then make them look more life-like by adding features and clothing. We also had great fun making Christmas wreaths with all the children, they used leaves and tinsel and sticks to create their own special Christmas wreath. These were very popular and turned out really well.

We also were able to run some Forest School activities for the children at Holiday club. They were able to take part in making hot chocolate using a Kelly kettle, making their own medallions using hazel wood and a hand drill and they enjoyed creating Christmas stars from twigs and sticks.

 We thoroughly enjoy the time we spend at holiday club and are so pleased to get such good feedback from the children who all have such fun taking part in the activities we run and enjoying playing, having fun and making new friends. We are looking forward to more fun at our half term holiday club in February.