We recently ran a competition across the whole of Dawn Until Dusk to see which site could make the best Waterfall. We were delighted to present the winners with their prizes last week.

Shortstown Dawn Until Dusk

We are pleased to announce that Shortstown Dawn Until Dusk won the prize for the best Waterfall. The children at Shortstown all joined in to create their waterfall and we thought it was fantastic.




We are also very pleased to announce that Angela from our Lakeview and Haynes sites won an award for all the effort and hardwork she put in to create the waterfall at our Lakeview site.

Last but not least you may remember we had been asking for nominations for our Staff awards. We asked Parents/Carers and our own Staff to put forward any Staff member you thought went the extra mile to provide an excellent service. We are very pleased to announce that Debbie from our Haynes site was awarded with the prize this term after being nominated by parents and by her colleagues at Haynes Dawn Until Dusk.


Created with Nokia Smart Cam

We would like to say a huge well done to Shortstown Dawn Until Dusk, Angela and Debbie. If you wish to nominate a staff member for our Staff Awards please email your nomination to us!