Dawn Til Dusk, Before and After School Club

If you have any questions or need any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us or email us using the form below. Alternatively our main office postal address is Safestore Business Centre, Room A7, Elstow Road, Kempston, Bedford, MK42 9QZ.

Club managers will pick up voicemails and text messages between the hours of 7.30 – 9 am  and

3pm – 6pm

Dawn til Dusk Lakeview: Mobile: 07913352569Dawn til Dusk Shortstown: Mobile:07982914784
Dawn til Dusk King’s Oak: Mobile: 07913352570Dawn til Dusk Balliol: Mobile:07557981481
Dawn til Dusk Greenfield & Pulloxhill: Mobile:07717666908 Dawn til Dusk Thomas Johnson: Mobile: 07584 251212
Dawn til Dusk Cotton End: Mobile:07833207070 Dawn til Dusk Cauldwell: Mobile:07826100012
Dawn til Dusk St James’: Mobile:07826100013 Dawn til Dusk Lawnside: Mobile:07584438076
Dawn til Dusk Springfield: Mobile:07557364462 Dawn til Dusk Maulden: Mobile:07584041848
Dawn til Dusk Haynes: Mobile:07554662791 Dawn til Dusk Harrold: Mobile:07824442230
Dawn til Dusk Priory Park: Mobile:07826100014 Dawn til Dusk : Mobile:

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