We have answered some of the more frequently asked questions below, but if we haven’t answered yours, please do contact us.

Carer Information

How will I know if my child has a place?

As soon as we receive your completed registration form, the club manager will contact you.

How do I book?

You simply need to complete our registration form which is available online or from any of our clubs.

Can I visit the club with my child?

You and your child are welcome to visit us at any time.  Simply contact the club to arrange a time.

What happens if I am late to collect my child?

We will keep your child safe, however, we ask that you telephone your emergency contact list to arrange alternative collection. After 6pm, further charges will occur due to the knock on effect on a site manager and staff fees.

Policies & Proceedures

What should I do if I am not happy about something?

If you have any reason to be dissatisfied with our clubs, sessions or communications please tell us.  Contact the club manager or area manager straight away.  We are always happy to talk about your concerns and make improvements where necessary.

Can I see your policies?

Yes of course.   All our policies are kept at the club for parents/carers to view at any time.

How do I cancel a session?

Cancelled sessions will need to be booked four weeks in advance, otherwise they are payable as normal.  Sessions booked for theme nights can be cancelled but will need to be paid for as resources will already have been purchased for your child.

Please be advised that we do not accept cancellations for our holiday club sessions. This is clearly stated on the booking page at the time of booking.

What happens if my child is ill?

We will contact parents/carers immediately and use our knowledge of first aid until medical help arrives.

What if my child cannot attend?

If your child is not able to attend a club on their usual day, please contact the club as soon as possible to inform the staff.  All the clubs have a mobile phone so you can send a text or leave a voicemail.

Making Payments

Which methods of payment do you accept?

Payment can be made via tax credits, childcare vouchers, cheque or bank transfer, paypal or tax-free childcare.

Can I claim tax credits?

Yes. Tax Credits or Universal Credit