Meet the team

The team at our Shortstown club is run by Farran who is the Manager. Farran has been working with us since May 2018. She has been a great asset to the club and the children have really taken to her. Farran is creative and loves thinking of new activities to keep the children engaged.

Dom is our Deputy Manager at Shortstown. Dom has worked with us since 2015, she works at our Before and After school club here at Shortstown and also works at our holiday club. Dom loves playing outside with the children running around and getting fresh air. She enjoys the water fight sessions in the summer which are so much fun for the staff and children.

The Shortstown team is backed by Mona, Aga, Sophia and Zurah who are all Playworkers. They have all worked with us for a couple of years now and really make the team work. The staff bring lots of different ideas to the table and enjoy making the most of the planning and adding to it with extra cookery ideas or craft activities.