Here at Shortstown Dawn Until Dusk we have been keeping ourselves busy with lots of different and exciting activities.

The children enjoyed a pirate theme play session which was so much fun for all. Staff and children raided the fancy dress box and made themselves into little pirates for the session. We did some pirate themed activities to go along with this session, it was a great success!

We have also been taking advantage of the lovely weather and getting into the gardens. We had great fun collecting leaves and flowers for our nature crowns. The children searched through the playground for all sorts of interesting items to add to their crowns and once we had collected a good supply we took them inside where the children were able to use all they had found to create their crowns. We’ve also been having a lot of fun outside with our water table and our ‘glupe’ table. Glupe is a mixture of cornflour and water and has a very odd texture to it. The children love to play with this and become fascinated with the feel of it as it dries as soon as you pick it up but once put back into the tray it becomes wet again!

We were also very excited to grow some butterflies here at Shortstown. The children loved watching as the caterpillars got bigger everyday. Over the course of a couple weeks they became hardened into chrysalides. Once the chrysalides had hatched we were all able to take the habitat outside to release the butterflies after we had fed them up on a water and sugar solution for a few days.

We hope you enjoy looking at some of out photos below!