Forest School Fun

The children at Springfield have enjoyed a Forest School course over the last five weeks. Below are some photos of what they have been up to.

Week One – Meadow Crowns

The children collected flowers and garden materials from the schools playground. Once they had collected plenty of items the children went inside and started to create their meadow crowns. They used a strip of paper and designed their crowns.

Week Two – Muddy Faces

The children each made their face shape out of mud. They then collected fir cones, flowers, twigs and leaves. Once they had collected all their items the children then used to different items to create the facial features of their faces.

Week Three – Bug Hotels

The children first of all practiced their peeling skills on a carrot in preparation for peeling the elder wood to make their bug hotels. They then enjoyed eating their carrots as a snack! The children then peeled the elder pieces and removed the core. The prepared elder was then bound together to create a little bug hotel.

Week Four – Medallions

The children made their own medallions by cutting of their own piece of wood using a saw. They then drilled out a hole using a hand drill. Once they each had cut their medallion the children decorated their medallions using coloured pens.

Week Five – Kelly Kettle Hot Chocolate

This week the children made their own hot chocolate using the kelly kettle. First they lit their fire using the lighting steels. The children were aided closely by Tracy. The kelly kettle was then used to boil the water and then they enjoyed a yummy hot chocolate with marshmallows as a treat to finish their Forest School course.