Lakeview-Wixams-Before-and-After-School-ClubEarly Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Every year we have children joining us as they start in Pre-School & Reception Class.  This is an exciting but also anxious time for both the children and parents!  We hope that this additional information about our work with EYFS will answer some of your questions.  We are always happy to talk to you about your child and our services, so please do contact us.


The EYFS is a very positive experience for children and a key part of our role is to give each of our children in reception class a dedicated key person.  This key person will be your main point of contact in the club; making sure that your child settles into the club well, know where the facilities are (toilets, play areas, etc.) and ensure that they understand the club routines, helping them to feel included in all aspects of the club and support their ongoing development.

Each child with us will be allocated a key person. The key person will monitor your child’s progress and interests through observations and photographs.

EYFS Parent Communication

We use communication books for those parents who do not have direct, regular contact with their child’s teacher.  This allows for daily contact between the parents, the club(s) and the school, making sure than nothing gets missed in terms of achievements, behaviour, reminders, etc.

For Further Information: Foundation Years Website