mud faces at dawn until dusk

Forest School comes to Dawn Until Dusk

Forest schools is a fun outdoor adventure for children.  Held, normally, in a woodland area the children get to experience activities that include, Pond Dipping, Tree Climbing, Camp fire cooking, Den Building and lots more. These activities are set up to help children explore, enjoy and learn about the outdoors.

We believe Forest School experiences allow children to try new and exciting things in a safe environment. The children gain extra confidence in their abilities and can develop their social and physical skills whilst taking part in a range of different and fun activities.

·    Making a den/shelter

·    Hunting for minibeasts

·    Texture hunt

·    Bird watching

·    Making animal houses

·    Leaf/bark rubbing

·    Story sticks

·    Looking at and learning about trees


·    Building a rope swing

·    Making a hat

·    Constructing a pulley system

·    Camoflage

·    Animal prints

·    Weaving

·    Making kites

·    Making perfume

·    Sculptures

·    Sketching

·    Lighting a fire and cooking

·    Wild flower hunt

·    Mud pies

·    Pond dipping

·    Using a compass

  • Forest School Mud Faces with Dawn Til Dusk Holiday Club