School Breakfast Clubs

Dawn Til Dusk’s School Breakfast Clubs provide children aged 2 – 11 with the ideal start to their school day.

School Breakfast Clubs - Kids Dawn Til DuskThe clubs run every day that the schools are open, from 07:30am until the start of school. Our staff escort children from the club to their classes safely, with a fond farewell and even a hug if required!

The main focus of a breakfast club is, of course, BREAKFAST!  Our healthy breakfasts are made up of cereals, toast, fruit, milk and water.  The children can choose what they want to eat each day; helped by our staff who make sure that they get a nutritious meal.

The breakfast clubs are relaxed and friendly.  There are different activities available each day, appropriate to children of all ages and abilities who are encouraged to choose the what they would like to do before school.

Because the children attend regularly, they soon get to know our staff and each other well and are able to play together.

You and your child are welcome to pop along to one of our Before School Breakfast Clubs any time to visit and to have a look around before their first day. For new registrations, we reserve the right to request a deposit before confirming any booking requests. To find out more, please contact us.